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#MoodboardMonday - Modern Pastels

This weeks #MoodboardMonday is full of modern & stylish pastels.

If you’re not interested in a classic Spring colour palette, why not try something more along these lines for a spin on standard pastels. With couples turning away from classic wedding trends more and more, pastels are becoming more common. I think in weddings & events to come, we’ll be looking to have brighter, more playful versions of the schemes we’re used to and the turquoise/lilic combo is sure to be a mood-booster, without being TOO out there.

Mix all the colours in your florals, and carefully pick out elements of each to add to your tableware & wider styling if you want to stick to a modern look. Bright coloured glassware in turquoise or lilac is sure to stand out and make a statement amongst the more muted pink & peach tones. As well as for Spring weddings, these colours would be amazing for a birthday celebration or fun brand dinner.

The Mood-board


The Products


The colours of these products are the perfect mixture of complimentary and clashing. I love how the pops of lilac work with the rest of the colours to create a stylish & effortless look. Start with the lighter tones to create a base, and then add eye-catching elements such as this Caipirinha High Jug or this Turquoise Glass Vase to add vibrancy. I absolutely adore these Rose Shot Tumblrs and may have to purchase these Jade Dinner Candles for myself.

  • Glass Vase, Blue, £12, Habitat [ad - affiliate link]
  • Wine Glasses, Set of 4, Blue, £34, Oliver Bonas
  • Fiona Petal Bowl, Pink, £14, Rose & Grey
  • Recycled Glass Bowl, Blue, £7, John Lewis [ad - affiliate link]
  • Linen Napkin, Plaster, £12.50, The Conran Shop [ad - affiliate link]
  • Jade Dinner Candles, Set of 8, £22, Soho Home [ad - affiliate link]
  • Diamante Tumblr, Lilac, £14, Amara [ad - affiliate link]
  • 16 Piece Cutlery Set, Silver, £60, Habitat [ad - affiliate link]
  • Water Carafe, £16, Amara [ad - affiliate link]
  • Embossed Striped Bowl, Green, £9, John Lewis [ad - affiliate link]
  • Green Rim Margarita Glasses, Set of 4, Green & Clear, £25, [ad - affiliate link]
  • Organic Sand Side Plate, White, £22, The Conran Shop [ad - affiliate link]
  • Stoneware Pasta Bowls, Set of 4, Pale Pink, £40, Habitat [ad - affiliate link]
  • Terrazzo Round Platter, Rose, £69, The Conran Shop [ad - affiliate link]
  • Recycled Glass Dessert Bowl, £15, John Lewis [ad - affiliate link]
  • Washed Linen Tablecloth, Light Turquoise, £34.99, H&M Home
  • Beach Crackle Plate, Turquoise, £17, Amara [ad - affiliate link]
  • Rose Dinner Candles, Set of 8, £22, Soho Home [ad - affiliate link]
  • Caipirinha High Jug, Pink & Smoke, £99, The Conran Shop [ad - affiliate link]
  • Coloured Shot Tumblr, Rose, £9.90, Harvey Nichols [ad - affiliate link]
  • Wine Glasses, Set of 4, £34, Amara [ad - affiliate link]
  • 30 piece Cutlery Set, Lavender, £129, Harvey Nichols [ad - affiliate link]
  • Twist Candle, White, £23, Pad Lifestyle
  • Candleholder, Clear, £20, The Conran Shop [ad - affiliate link]
  • Kaleido Tray, White, Small, £19, Amara [ad - affiliate link]


Love this look so much you want me to re-create it for your upcoming event (when we can have those again…)? Get in touch and let’s chat!

Got a celebration or event coming up that you’re planning on styling yourself, but not sure where to start? Send me your suggestions for themes you’d like to see in the future, whether that be colours, specific florals, patterns, seasons, or anything else, via email, instagram or letting me know in the comments below!

Not sure where to start with your Wedding styling, but don’t have the budget to hire a stylist? I also offer 1:1 Wedding styling Power Hour Sessions, so if you’re looking to get a clearer idea of exactly what you want, recommendations based on you and your partner, and advice on how to discuss your ideas with suppliers, get in touch.