In conversation with Mako Ndoro, Founder of Berry and Brie

Berry and Brie are London's go-to grazing company, curating grazing tables, sharing platters, cheese boards, graze cups and delivery boxes for all occasions!

It's safe to say we're BIG fans of the grazing board here at Studio Dine, and it's fairly obvious why! With no strict recipe, they're our go to for a casual hosting set ups and an amazing option for taking the stress out of entertaining. Having become hugely popular these past few years, we wanted to chat to the experts! 

Berry and Brie have an undeniable flair when it comes to their set ups, serving up the very best luxury ingredients and produce for everything from intimate gatherings to catering for large celebrations.

We chatted to Mako about some of her business hightlights and top tips for creating your own...


Mako - Founder of Berry and Brie, London's go to grazing company
How did Berry and Brie come to life?

Berry and Brie really kicked off after I decided to put on a graze for a baby shower early 2018. From there I got numerous enquiries and I didn't even have a business plan or idea that it would kick off into a business. I've always been a host and find myself in the kitchen. I come from a big African family so gatherings around food are always a thing. You will find me cooking up a storm so this business is a natural extension of my love for creating memories with friends, family and loved ones over good food. 


What's your favourite part of the job?

I really love it when our clients are open minded with their brief and I can get creative with the elements involved.

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by culture, art and music which have played a massive part in my childhood. 


 Berry and Brie Grazing outdoor table set up


A career moment that made you really proud?

I have too many to be honest. I feel very proud to have worked with so many world renowned brands that I would have never dreamt of working with.


When you're invited to dinner, what do you take with you?

I often tend to be the one to host but if i go to dinner, I'll bring a homemade dessert or anything the host requests me to make. 


In your opinion, what makes a great host?

The big tip is to plan everything ahead of time. The food of course is what will be the talk of the moment so this element needs to be well executed. Keeping good and relaxed energy throughout whilst having fun passes onto your guests. There's many tips but when you plan ahead it just means you can have everything covered and also have fun with your guests. 


Top tip for creating a grazing board?

Choose 3-4 main cheeses and build the board around your selections. 


What's next for Berry and Brie?

Well that would be telling too much. We are really in a great place as London's go-to grazing company. We have plans in the pipeline that will see Berry and Brie really shift in the way we operate and what we provide. 


 Berry and Brie Large Scale Grazing Board   


Quickfire Q's - 


Sweet or savoury?

Hmmm both.


Your drink of choice...

Caramel latte


Go to comfort food...



Best restaurant you've been to...

It would be a crime to choose one specific one!


What's on your Studio Dine Store wishlist?

I love a good set of candles. A nicely styled table sets the mood for a dinner party.


No dinner party is complete without...

Good food


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