#MoodboardMonday - Anemone Inspired Table Styling

I’ve been working on a new feature for the blog all about MOOD-BOARDS. They’re one of my favourite parts of what I do and you guys always love them, so I’ve decided to set myself the challenge of creating a mood-board, along with a breakdown of ideas/products on how you can execute it, every Monday on here. I’ll then be sharing them over on my instagram too for #moodboardmonday.

Hopefully these will give those of you looking to create and style your own spaces, dinners & events, some ideas and inspiration to do just that!

I asked on Instagram for your suggestions of what you’d like to see, and I got so many great ideas. I’ve written them all down, and will try and make my way through them all over the coming weeks. This week’s mood-board is based around Anemones! Such a gorgeous flower and one that can be used in so many different ways.

I’ve used a navy and millennial pink colour scheme that beautifully highlights the centres of the Anemones. A natural & classic colour palette, which I’ve given a modern twist with the wider floral selection, tableware & stationery elements. The design would work perfectly for a modern wedding, or equally well created at home for a simple & classic birthday celebration set-up.

The Moodboard


The Products

I found so many GREAT products for this mood-board design, a lot of which are classic pieces that will stand the test of time and be great additions to your collections. Particularly tempted by the Soho House champagne coups, the Made.com white vases, and gorgeous John Lewis side plates.

  • A by Amara Broadway Shiny Black Cutlery Set - 24 Piece, £250, Amara [ad - affiliate link]
  • Fluted Champagne Coupe, Set of Four, £56, Soho Home [ad - affiliate link]
  • Leah Porcelain 12 Piece Dinner Set, White, £69, Made.com [ad - affiliate link]
  • Stoneware Plate, £9.99, H&M Home
  • 2LSA International Champagne Theatre Saucer, Set of 2, Dawn Pink, £60, Amara [ad - affiliate link]
  • Denby Studio Grey Coupe Dinner Plates, 26cm, Set of 4, £68, John Lewis [ad - affiliate link]
  • Rose Dinner Candles, Set of 8, £22, Soho Home [ad - affiliate link]
  • Ceramic Bowl, Grey/blue, £8.99, H&M Home
  • Hoa Set of 3 Ceramic Vases, Matt White, £29, Made.com [ad - affiliate link]
  • Twisted Candles, Set of 12, £18.50, Design Vintage
  • Ester & Erik Candles, Pale Pink, Set of 4, £10, Nordic Nest
  • Ceramic Plate, Grey/blue, £12.99, H&M Home
  • Honeycomb Effect Tumblr, £4.99, Zara Home
  • LSA International Champagne Theatre Flute, Set of 2, Midnight blue, £60, Amara [ad - affiliate link]
  • Washed Linen Tablecloth, White, £39.99, H&M Home
  • Cotton Mix Napkins, Set of 4, Ecru, £12.50, John Lewis [ad - affiliate link]
  • Crystalline Tumblr, £3.99, Zara Home
  • Linen Napkins, Light Pink, 2 pack, £8.99, H&M Home
  • Artisan Side Plate, 22cm, Dark Blue, £8, John Lewis [ad - affiliate link]

Love this look so much you want me to re-create it for your upcoming event? Get in touch and let’s chat!

Stuck on what to create for an upcoming celebration or event your hosting? Send me your suggestions for themes you’d like to see in the future, whether that be colours, specific florals, patterns, seasons, or anything else, via email, instagram or letting me know in the comments below!