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In conversation with Olivia Tripp, Founder of Weekend IN

Olivia Tripp is the founder of Weekend IN, a creative studio dedicated to IN:dependent brands, self-confessed brand addict and all round small business supporter.


The Weekend IN team sitting together on a sofa in Bristol in front of mustard yellow curtains


How did Weekend IN come to life?

It all started with an idea—to find time for IN:dependent brands and IN:fluencers to gather and bring brand stories to life. Weekdays were consumed by work, so a weekend would have to do… and our first outing as Weekend:IN happened. After a series of Weekend:IN events, we developed Weekend:IN into the brand it is today.

Once an obsession with independent brands— their approach to design, innovation and invention— then an event series, today Weekend:IN is a fully made-up creative studio. In the last 5 years, we’ve worked with some of the best independent brands in the UK, creating fresh identities and stand-out campaigns for brands doing their own thing.


What inspires you?

Brands! I'm a brand addict for sure. Not big household names, but small independents. I'm a walking dictionary of independent brands pretty much and love finding new ones on my travels.


 Weekend IN founder Olivia standing in front of a fireplace in pink jumper


A career moment that made you really proud?

We rebranded at the end of last year and it was a key moment that really solidified the growth of the business and where we had come from, and to! Since then we've worked on bigger projects doing work that we love and feeling super proud of it. Seeing the growth of the team and working with so many amazing creatives has been great, when our team is together and enjoying their work I feel proud! 


In your opinion, what makes a great host?

I think it's in the small details! A great playlist, non-stop nibbles and something to keep guests entertained. Big or small, if I'm hosting an event, I always try to step into the shoes of the person attending and think about what they would want. 


What do you love most about working with small businesses?

I love the uniqueness of small businesses. From the founder's story, to the design and product, there's always so much difference about an independent business rather than a chain. When working with brands here at Weekend:IN, we find that point of difference and shout about it through everything we do.


Olivia Tripp - Founder of Weekend IN wearing red and white checkerboard co-ord


What's next for Weekend IN?

We've been working on some more brand launch projects with our sister agency (ran by my actual sister), Studio Iris, this way we can work on the brand strategy (values, vision, key messaging, customer) alongside the visuals, creating a consistent brand identity from the start. We're going to be booking more of these types of projects in the future which is exciting as we love working with brands during this launch phase. As well as this we have some exciting events and projects coming up, all centred around independent brands, of course!


Weekend IN seasonal shoot Bloomin' Good Spring   Weekend IN seasonal photoshoot Bloomin' Good Spring 


Quickfire Q's - 


Sweet or savoury?

Savoury allll day.


Your drink of choice...

A surprise cocktail from a bartender


Go to comfort food...

Some kind of rice bowl


Best restaurant you've been to...

Eek! I've eaten at so many nice restaurants in so many amazing places over the years. You can't make me choose!


No dinner party is complete without…

The embroidered napkins are  😍


The cookbook you reach for the most?

I love my trusty Ottolenghi books


No dinner party is complete without...
Good conversation!