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In conversation with Iona Mathieson, co-founder of Sage Flowers

We’re starting a brand new interview series where we chat to industry pals, founders, tastemakers and all round inspiring people about food, hosting and what they do best.

This week we spoke to Iona Mathieson, Co-founder of Sage Flowers- A floral studio in South London, known for combining floristry with design and subculture. As fellow rule-breakers within the industry we've been long time fans of their work and their playful approach to creating show-stopping arrangements. 


How did Sage Flowers come to life?

We had known each other through clubbing. I bumped into Romy's fiancee Raj and he told me Romy wanted to get into flowers, I did too, so we had a meeting and the rest followed!


Iona & Romy - Founders of Sage Flowers - South London based florist

Image Credit: Christian Cassiel


How would you describe your style?

Sculptural, fun, modern.


What's your favourite part of the job?

Seeing our favourite flowers come back into season! We always get excited even though it happens every year.


What inspires you?

Lots! Peckham, our friends, music, clubbing, subculture in general.


What's your favourite colour palette at the moment?

Bright blue, peach + red. 


A career moment that made you really proud?

We're always proud pulling off a large event with a big team, it takes a lot of planning so feels like a real accomplishment.


When you’re invited to dinner, what do you take with you?

At someones home? Flowers of course! 


What are your top tips for arranging flowers at home?

Anything can be a vase, an old water bottle even, you can make something cute and simple with supermarket flowers and an old bottle, it's all about the vision!


Red, pink and blue modern floral wedding arch

Image Credit: Jo Metson Scott


Quickfire Q's - 


You can only pick one flower... Which is it?

Romy - Gloriosa, Iona - Cosmos


Your drink of choice...

A chilled natural red always


Go to comfort food...

Chocolate and crisps. There's always far too many at the studio!


Best restaurant you've been to... 

Too many to mention but we love Rita's at the moment.


No dinner party is complete without…

SAGE flowers centrepeice. and lots of wine.


What’s on your Studio Dine Store wishlist?

Ombre sunset candles! 


The cookbook you reach for the most?

The River Cafe


What’s your favourite season?