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In conversation with Brodie Meah, co-founder of Top Cuvée

We’re back with another interview in our new series where we chat to industry pals, founders and tastemakers about food, hosting and what they do best.

We spoke to Brodie Meah, co-founder of Top Cuvée - A neighbourhood-style restaurant in Highbury, London.

How did Top Cuvée come to life?

I've worked in hospitality my whole life so it was always my goal to open my own place. Top Cuvée really came to life once people realised enjoying wine doesn't have to be a scary or intimidating experience!


Top cuvee team in Shop cuvee

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Meeting and working with such a diverse mix of people


What inspires you? 

I take loads of inspiration from all kinds of industries and disciplines; fashion, music, art, nature, architecture - whatever I see can be an inspiration if I'm in the right frame of mind.


When you’re invited to dinner, what do you take with you?

Usually a bottle of wine I think the host will enjoy


A career moment that made you really proud?

Pivoting our business to e-commerce during the pandemic


Top Cuvee Restaurant Food and Wine Highbury

In your opinion, what makes a great host?

Genuine care and attentiveness to the needs of your guests. From a Michelin star restaurant to a local kebab shop it's the same


Why natural wine?

It tastes better


How did you initially get into wine?

Working in fine dining restaurants is where i learned how NOT to get people excited about drinking wine


Shop Cuvee Wine on a picnic blanket with a plate of fruit


Your lockdown story is similar to ours at Studio Dine - How did you find pivoting your business?

It was super exciting at the time, we went to work every day looking to unearth the seemingly impossible positive outlook at the situation and it really worked!

What’s next for Top Cuvée?

We'll keep doing what we do, having fun and hopefully introduce more people to the joys of good wine all over the uk!


Brodie Meah in the Top Cuvee Shop surrounded by boxes of wine


Quickfire Q's - 


Sweet or savoury?



Your drink of choice...

Chocolate milk


Go to comfort food...



Best restaurant you've been to (other than yours!)... 

Mangal 1


No dinner party is complete without…

a beautiful table set from Studio Dine!


The cookbook you reach for the most?

Lucky Peach Power Vegetables