How to make your wedding more sustainable/eco-friendly

Generally weddings aren’t terribly eco-friendly - There are a lot of things to consider and sadly there is often a lot of plastic, single-use decor & food-waste, before you even start thinking about the carbon footprint once travel is involved.

Over the past couple of years, more and more couples are thinking about how they can be more eco-friendly and make better, more sustainable choices for their wedding days.

I believe we should all be thinking sustainably to take steps towards a better future, so whether you’re looking to have a fully green day or just a few choice elements, hopefully there’s some ideas here for you!


Your venue is the first step towards a more sustainable wedding. By going with a venue nearby, or a building, as oppose to a freestanding structure, you will be reducing your carbon footprint from the outset as guests won’t have to travel so far, and the infrastructure is already in place. Venue’s will already have recycling facilities too.


Have Less Guests

This one can be tricky for sure, but by limiting the number of guests you invite, you’ll also be reducing the amount of waste, materials used, travel, food, etc, etc. Also… Less guests = more money to spend on the things that are super important to you!


Wedding Favours

If you’ve decided to include wedding favours, then this is a great opportunity to showcase a sustainable brand, or do something a bit different.

These are also a great opportunity to double up as place-cards if the product can include each guests name (which means you’ll save money and/or materials on those). Win win. One of my favourite alternatives is getting someone to bake personalised biscuits in your theme - From experience this is always a winner.



There are a few different things to think about with eco-friendly florals. The best option is to source local and seasonal flowers, which will reduce the carbon footprint AND save you money. You should also be making sure your florist doesn’t use things like floral foam (which is basically single-use plastic) as it won’t break down in landfill.


Eco-friendly Dresses

Have a good think about what clothing you are buying for the wedding. Can you hire suits, and reduce some environmental impact that way? Why not go for a vintage or second-hand dress? This is a great option and will reduce your costs too! If you’re no so keen on going pre-loved, source a designer who uses sustainable fabrics and ethical practices. This goes for your bridesmaids dresses too. There are so many options out there, it just may take a little more research.


Hire someone to help

Hiring a wedding planner or stylist will lighten the load, as they will be able to take some of the pressure off. They’ll know the best sustainable suppliers, and where to source more eco-friendly materials.



Wedding stationery is a great place to be more eco-friendly. Out of principle, ALL of the wedding and event stationery I create is on 100% recycled paper stock, or quite simply no deal. Looking after our planet is important to me and in my opinion, there are some beautiful recycled papers out there that can really ADD to your design. You can even get options that you can plant afterwards!


Hire items

By hiring decorations or large scale props, you are avoiding wasting materials on single use AND saving yourself time. It doesn’t get much better than delivery the day before, and collection the day after… I mean… do you really want to be stuck with a load of plates and cake stands afterwards? I’m gonna say probably not.


Need some help with making your wedding styling or stationery design more eco-friendly? Get in touch and let’s chat!

Don’t have have the budget to hire a stylist? I also offer 1:1 Wedding styling Power Hour Sessions, so if you’re looking to get a clearer idea of exactly what you want, recommendations based on you and your partner, and advice on how to discuss your ideas with suppliers, get in touch.