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Greek Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Small batch. Minimal intervention. Lightly Filtered. 

This ain't your generic, lifeless mass-market olive oil. Packed with polyphenols (the good stuffsee more below), this small-batch Greek extra virgin olive oil comes fresh and flavourful from Maria & Dimitri's groves in the wine region of Crete.

Harvest: November 2022.

Ingredients: 100% Lianolia olives. Nothing else. 

Producer: Amargiotakis family.

Origin: Village of Dafnes, Crete, Greece.

Process: Superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from mechanical (never chemical) means. The olives were milled within 24 hours of harvest. This oil is lightly filtered so it will have some cloudiness. 

Agriculture: Regenerative. No/low-till. Minimal intervention. Non-irrigated.

Soil type: Limestone hills.

Tastes like...
Fresh-cut grass on the nose, then flavours of banana and tomato leaf with an avocado bit coming through. There’s a slightly peppery finish that's a sign it's rich in Oleocanthal (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant 'superfood' compound).

Pairs with...
It's easier to count the ways we wouldn't use this oil. It's our go-to for everything. It's gorgeous on carbs, like rice and potatoes. In the winter, we're using it on roasted veg and beans. In the summer, it's all about tomato salads and pizzas. It's also glorious in a martini and THE BEST THING EVER on ice cream.