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At Studio Dine we are committed and proud of the steps we’re taking to reduce our environmental impact and incorporate reusability into our design process.

We Plant Trees

We partner with Ecologi to offset our carbon emissions each month by planting a number of trees for our staff and each order placed in our online shop.

Click here to see our impact so far!

We also use carbon neutral couriers.


Design & Build

Anything we create at Studio Dine is designed with reusability in mind so that it can be stored efficiently and repurposed over and over again. We rent or buy second hand where possible, use recycled/reusable materials and any new props post event are always added to our curated collection for hire in the future. In the case that we no longer need items or props, these are shared with others in the creative industry for repurposing elsewhere.


We believe that small change over time makes a big difference, so we do what we can to reduce waste in every way possible.

Some of these include…

  • Bringing reusable water bottles and coffee cups on event setups
  • Always taking the time to sort and recycle any waste from events
  • All packaging we receive from deliveries in the studio is recycled or repurposed to send our own orders


At Studio Dine we design with sustainability as a priority, are foam free, and use seasonal florals where possible. We also partner with Floral Angels to donate and repurpose any flowers leftover from events to members of the community who would otherwise not receive them, including hospices, elderly care homes, shelters and more. 

Studio Dine Store

At Studio Dine Store we put a lot of thought into the brands and products we curate based on their design process, materials used, the environment in which they are made, and the future longevity of each item. We are always striving to support the makers who produce using more ethical and sustainable practices.

All Studio Dine Store candles are hand-poured in small batches in London and are made using 100% soy wax, cotton wicks and natural dyes to ensure they are completely natural, vegan & cruelty-free. We also repurpose any wax offcuts and scraps from the candle making process to make our unique zero waste marbled designs.

All packaging is either made from 100% recycled materials or is fully recyclable including our stickers, shredded paper, biodegradable bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tape, postage boxes and tissue paper. Boxes used are always reflective of the product size to avoid waste material.