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Portuguese Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Early harvest. Cold extracted. Regeneratively farmed.

Introducing a multi-award winning single estate extra virgin olive oil from the Alto Alentejo wine region of Portugal. This oil is made by Ana Cardoso on her 10 hector plot, where she creates a field blend of primarily Galega olives.

Harvest: October 2021.

Variety: A field blend of primarily Galega, with some Cobrançosa, and a couple of unknown trees that have been on the land for a long time.

Origin: Fronteira, Alto Alentejo, Portugal.

Process: Superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from mechanical (never chemical or heated) means. ≤ 0.2 acidity. The olives are milled within hours of being picked. This oil is filtered. 

Agriculture: Organically-farmed with regenerative practices including grazing animals.

Soil type: Clay loam.

Tastes like...

Nose: Fresh-cut grass, green banana, citrus, olive leaf & parsley herb.
Palate: Green almonds, pine seeds, dried fruit.
Sensation: Moderately bitter, with a medium pepperiness. It falls midway on the bitter scale of EVOOs.

Pairs with...
Anything cheesy. This oil is gorgeous on fish. It's also perfect for drizzling over soups. Ana (the producer) recommends it over a tomato soup (like sopa de tomate Alentejana) or spaghetti alle vongole since it's great with seafood and pasta! It also does well in a martini.